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Behaviour and navigation

  • Detail view (default: disabled) with:

    • file type (directory, regular, symlink etc.)
    • modification time
    • human-readable file size
    • current item in reverse video
    • number of items in current directory
    • full name of currently selected file in ‘bar’
  • Show details of the currently selected file (stat, file)

  • Disk usage analyzer mode (within the same fs, doesn’t follow symlinks)

  • Directories first (even with sorting)

  • Sort numeric names in numeric order

  • Case-insensitive alphabetic content listing instead of upper case first

  • Key - to jump to last visited directory

  • Roll over at the first and last entries of a directory (with Up/Down keys)

  • Removed navigation restriction with relative paths (and let permissions handle it)

  • Sort entries by file size (largest to smallest)

  • Shortcut to invoke file name copier (set using environment variable NNN_COPIER)

    File association

  • Set NNN_OPENER to let a desktop opener handle it all. E.g.:

    export NNN_OPENER=xdg-open
    export NNN_OPENER="gio open"
    export NNN_OPENER=gvfs-open
  • Selective file associations (ignored if NNN_OPENER is set):

    • Associate plain text files (determined using file) with vi
    • Associate common audio and video mimes with mpv
    • Associate PDF files with zathura
    • Removed less as default file opener (there is no universal standalone opener utility)
    • You can customize further (see how to change file associations)
  • NNN_FALLBACK_OPENER is the last line of defense:

    • If the executable in static file association is missing
    • If a file type was not handled in static file association
    • This may be the best option to set your desktop opener to
  • To enable the desktop file manager key, set NNN_DE_FILE_MANAGER. E.g.:

    export NNN_DE_FILE_MANAGER=thunar


  • All redundant buffer removal

  • All frequently used local chunks now static

  • Removed some redundant string allocation and manipulation

  • Simplified some roundabout procedures

  • Compiler warnings fixed

  • strip the final binary

3 years ago