yarn yarn 1.13.0

latest releases: 1.22.18, 1.22.17, 1.22.16...
3 years ago
  • Implements a new package.json field: peerDependenciesMeta

    #6671 - Maël Nison

  • Adds an optional settings to peerDependenciesMeta to silence missing peer dependency warnings

    #6671 - Maël Nison

  • Implements yarn policies set-version [range]. Check the documentation for usage & tips.

    #6673 - Maël Nison

  • Fixes a resolution issue when a package had an invalid main entry

    #6682 - Maël Nison

  • Decreases the size of the generated $PATH environment variable for a better Windows support

    #6683 - Rowan Lonsdale

  • Fixes postinstall scripts for third-party packages when they were referencing a binary from their own dependencies

    #6712 - Maël Nison

  • Fixes yarn audit exit code overflow

    #6748 - Andrey Vetlugin

  • Stops automatically unplugging packages with postinstall script when running under --ignore-scripts

    #6820 - Maël Nison

  • Adds transparent support for the resolve package when using Plug'n'Play

    #6816 - Maël Nison

  • Properly reports the error codes when the npm registry throws 500's

    #6817 - Maël Nison

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