yarn workbox-build 6.1.2
Workbox v6.1.2

Workbox v6.1.2 includes several fixes to the workbox-cli's wizard mode, and removes some potentially confusing logging.

🐛 What's Fixed?


  • A warning message was logged when workbox-build was used, due to an update to the @rollup/plugin-replace plugin that it uses. The underlying issue raised in the warning message has been addressed. [#2772]


  • Previously, the wizard question flow would not give developers the opportunity to specify a value to override the default ignoreURLParametersMatching setting. The wizard now provides some context and explicitly asks about overriding this value. [#2763]

  • There were two issues fixed in the wizard related to entering the globDirectory value: the separator characters, --------, were inadvertently selectable, and additionally, the logic was buggy when a manual directory name was entered. Both of these issues are fixed. [#2766]


  • There was previously unnecessary logging of an uncaught error when a network request failed while offline, even if the response was eventually provided via the cache. This amounted to extra noise in the JS console, and could be particularly confusing if it was triggered during Chrome's new automatic offline check. This uncaught error should no longer show up in the logs. [#2777]


Special thanks to @ognjenjevremovic for contributing the two workbox-cli PRs that went into this release!

latest releases: 6.3.0, 6.2.4, 6.2.3...
7 months ago