yarn workbox-build 6.0.0-rc.0
Workbox v6.0.0-rc.0

Overview of Workbox v6

We're happy to announce the first release candidate of Workbox v6! We do not anticipate any more breaking changes in between now and the official v6 release.

In addition to the changes outlined in the previous release notes, the following has changed since Workbox v5.

🎉 What's New?


This release includes a new module, workbox-recipes, that combines common routing and caching strategy configurations into ready-to-use code that can be dropped in to your service worker.

You can read more about what's included in the first batch of recipes, as well as how to use them, in #2664.

webpack v5 compatibility improvements

This release includes additional bug fixes for better compatibility with webpack. As of this release, workbox-webpack-plugin requires webpack v4.40.0 or later (for those still on the v4.x branch) or webpack v.5.4.0 or later (for those who have updated to webpack v5.x).

workbox-webpack-plugin will also now take advantage of the immutable metadata that webpack automatically adds to hashed assets. In most cases, this means that explicitly using dontCacheBustURLMatching in your workbox-webpack-plugin configuration is no longer necessary.

See #2651, #2673, and #2675.


Thank you to @dermoumi for their contributions to this release.

Installation of the latest pre-release version

We are using the next tag in npm for the current pre-release version. To install a given module use, e.g., npm install --save-dev workbox-webpack-plugin@next.

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