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4 months ago

v3.4.0 / 2022-01-10

Yesterday's release was done with a higher sense of urgency than usual due to vandalism in the colors package. This release:

  • ties up a loose end by including [#1973] to go with [#1824]
  • adds a missing http property in NpmConfigSetColors [#2004] (thanks @SimDaSong)
  • fixes a minor issue in the build/release process [#2014]
  • pins the version of the testing framework to avoid an issue with a test incorrectly failing [#2017]

The biggest change in this release, motivating the feature-level update, is [#2006] Make winston more ESM friendly, thanks to @miguelcobain.

Thanks also to @DABH, @wbt, and @fearphage for contributions and reviews!

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