yarn winston 3.3.4

latest releases: 3.6.0, 3.5.1, 3.5.0...
4 months ago

Compared to v3.3.3, this version fixes some issues and includes some updates to project infrastructure,
such as replacing Travis with Github CI and dependabot configuration.
There have also been several relatively minor improvements to documentation, and incorporation of some updated dependencies.
Dependency updates include a critical bug fix [#2008] in response to self-vandalism by the author of a dependency.

  • [#1964] Added documentation for how to use a new externally maintained Seq transport.
  • [#1712] Add default metadata when calling log with string level and message.
  • [#1824] Unbind event listeners on close
  • [#1961] Handle undefined rejections
  • [#1878] Correct boolean evaluation of empty-string value for eol option
  • [#1977] Improved consistency of object parameters for better test reliability

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