yarn ts-loader 3.0.0

latest releases: 9.5.1, 9.5.0, 9.4.4...
6 years ago

All changes were made with this PR - thanks @johnnyreilly

Published to npm as v3.0.2 due to npm publishing issues - thanks @mattlewis92 for noticing!

  • drop support for typescript < 2.0 (no-one seems to be using it and we can simplify the code) BREAKING CHANGE
  • remove entryFileIsJs option; it can be inferred from whether the allowJs TypeScript compiler option has been set.
  • move to webpack 3.0 for test harness
  • drop configFileName support (replaced by configFile) BREAKING CHANGE
  • add support for a custom formatter for output - drop visual studio format (this can be added back if there's clamour for it and people can supply their own formatters in the interim) BREAKING CHANGE
  • make loglevel warn by default (stop outputting typescript version number by default). Fixes #488
  • fix tsc has "module" default to "es2015"when targetting es2015+, but ts-loader does not - thanks @Venryx for the suggestion!
  • switch to build ts-loader / run tests with yarn because of this
  • allow controlling whether the output can contain colours

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