yarn redux-thunk 2.0.0

Note: this release was botched. Read the notes here but install 2.0.1 (or later) instead 😅 .

Breaking Changes

If you used Redux Thunk from npm in CommonJS environment, you need to add .default to your requires:

- var ReduxThunk = require('redux-thunk')
+ var ReduxThunk = require('redux-thunk').default

If you used ES modules, you’re already all good:

import ReduxThunk from 'redux-thunk' // no changes here 😀

New Features

UMD build

Like with CommonJS build, you will need to grab the middleware from .default export:

var ReduxThunk = window.ReduxThunk.default

Grab the UMD build on npmcdn.

ES modules build

Rollup users can now use redux-thunk directly without commonjs plugin.

latest releases: 2.3.0, 2.2.0, 2.1.2...
5 years ago