yarn polished 3.7.0
v3.7.0 LTS

Introducing polished.js v3.7.0 LTS!

We're excited to release v3.7.0, polished's first Long Term Support (LTS) branch. We will continue to back-port critical bug and security fixes to this branch until the release of v5, at which point v4 will become the new LTS branch. This release also officially deprecates polished v2.x.x.

npm install polished@lts
yarn add polished@lts

Release Highlights

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • between: now properly throws an error when mixed units are used for from/toSize and min/maxScreen. This also fixes the same bug in fluidRange. (#445)
  • readableColor - Update docs and function signature to be clearer about the use of each parameter.
  • - transparentize - addressed an issue where we weren't handling cases where floats were greater than 2 decimals. (#548)
  • triangle Improvement: once again properly works with inherit by setting individual properties when inherit is used. (#430)
  • npm - addressed an issue where .yarn cache was bloating published package size, along with some other ignore optimization. (#553 Thanks @scttcper)
  • - Updated @babel/runtime to address webpack v5 compatibility issue (Thanks @koba04 - #547 )

Contributor Improvements

  • prettier: We've implemented .prettierrc and .prettierignore to better control formatting in development environments.
  • Build Speed: Build speed has been improved by removing extraneous linting scripts.
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