yarn patch-package 6.3.0

latest releases: 6.4.7, 6.4.6, 6.4.5...
21 months ago
  • Add --error-on-fail cli option
  • Collate errors and warnings to avoid exiting early (with help from @akwodkiewicz in #217)
  • Fix .dev.patch suffix bug (with help from @pdcastro in #224)
  • Support build metadata in package.json version strings (with help from @snowystinger in #213)
  • Change 'no patch files found' message from red to blue (contribution from @dmhalejr in #211)
  • Fix environment variable propogation for spawned tasks (contribution from @chpio in #223)
  • Add --patch-dir option to readme (contribution from @mikehardy in #225)
  • Fix createPatch bug involving .git folder hygiene (contribution from @Haroenv in #231

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