yarn next 14.2.0-canary.55

latest releases: 14.3.0-canary.22, 14.2.3, 14.3.0-canary.21...
21 days ago

Core Changes

  • fix(log): skip logging non-route requests: #63973
  • Ensure unstable_cache bypasses for draft mode: #64007
  • fix interception route refresh behavior with dynamic params: #64006

Example Changes

  • Fix last examples for Turbopack: #64020

Misc Changes

  • docs: add link to Next.js Learn repo in issue template switcher: #63964
  • Increase concurrent of daily Turbopack test runs: #63939


Huge thanks to @balazsorban44, @timneutkens, @ijjk, and @ztanner for helping!

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