yarn next 13.4.3-canary.3

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19 days ago

Core Changes

  • Update default for appDocumentPreloading config for minimalMode: #49952
  • Add @vercel/og to external server packages: #49944
  • Fix custom server React resolution with app dir and pages both presented: #49805
  • Error in next export when serverActions is enabled: #49959
  • Reset not-found and error boundary when navigating: #49855
  • Revert "Error in next export when serverActions is enabled": #50019
  • fix: warning fetch for [object Request] specified: #50003
  • Remove custom handling for prebundled react env: #49954
  • fix: set cookies followed by redirect(): #49965

Example Changes

  • update with-turbopack example: #49332

Misc Changes

  • Fix going back to page after applying hash link: #50006
  • build(cargo): update turbopack: #50013
  • Suggest a replay in the bug issue template: #50022


Huge thanks to @ijjk, @huozhi, @shuding, @padmaia, @timneutkens, @styfle, and @kwonoj for helping!

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