yarn mongodb 3.3.5

The MongoDB Node.js team is pleased to announce version 3.3.5 of the driver

Release Highlights

unified topology

This patch release includes additional fixes for the regression in the unified topology discovered in v3.3.2, expanding our testing infrastructure to include a simulated workload during failover testing. There was a bug when connecting to single-node replicasets which could result in a stack overflow which was corrected. Additionally, events and options which are incompatible with the unified topology will now emit a warning message.


The release also includes a fix submitted by @mpilar, who found an inconsistency in our implementation of the "Initial Seedlist Discovery" specification. An authSource specified in the options passed to MongoClient would be overridden by an authSource provided in the TXT record checked during initial seedlist discovery over SRV. Thank you very much Miguel!


BulkWriteError is now exported at the top level of the module so that users can catch them easily. Additionally, a fix was made to ensure that the index of operations passed into an unordered bulk operation were preserved when reporting possible errors in the future.

Release Notes


  • [NODE-1747] - Replica set causes MongoNetworkError due to not connecting with fully qualified domain name

  • [NODE-2089] - Only apply TransientTransactionError label within a transaction

  • [NODE-2143] - getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND error on Windows 10 due to failed fallback to ipv4 after ipv6 lookup fails

  • [NODE-2308] - Bulk write error returns incorrect index in WriteError for unordered writes

  • [NODE-2332] - useUnifiedTopology - replicaset

  • [NODE-2335] - Node Driver does not follow Initial DNS Seedlist Discovery spec

  • [NODE-2342] - Enabling useUnifiedTopology results in stack overflow when connecting to uninitialized replica set


  • [NODE-2348] - Document and notify on deprecated events and options for unified topology

  • [NODE-2306] - Driver module does not export BulkWriteError

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14 months ago