yarn mongodb 3.3.4

The MongoDB Node.js team is pleased to announce version 3.3.4 of the driver

Release Highlights

This release primary consists of improvements to the "unified topology". In particular, a regression with interaction between the connection pool and topology could result in servers which "go away" (due to network error, for example) would not return, resulting in a MongoTimeoutError.

Release Notes


  • [NODE-2123] - MaxListenersExceededWarning caused by topologyDescriptionChanged

  • [NODE-2214] - Incorrect removal of Unknown server type from ReplicaSetNoPrimary topology

  • [NODE-2234] - isConnected() takes legacy path with useUnifiedTopology

  • [NODE-2251] - useUnifiedTopology continuously emits 'close' event when replica set member is down

  • [NODE-2268] - Legacy SDAM ReplSet topology reports incorrect topology ID

  • [NODE-2270] - Servers are not removed from unknownServer list, leaking

  • [NODE-2274] - Unified topology never regains nodes which temporarily go down

  • [NODE-2277] - Unhandled error when server is offline


  • [NODE-1517] - normalize state management across all stateful types

  • [NODE-2257] - Introduce ServerDescription equality to reduce SDAM events

  • [NODE-2263] - support ability to pass hint to update

  • [NODE-2276] - Add SDAM test for debouncing topology description updates

  • [NODE-2280] - Integrate a state machine into the unified topology

  • [NODE-2309] - Document the design and rationale of the unified topology

  • [NODE-2316] - Correct client metadata for unified topology

latest releases: 4.0.0-beta.0, 3.6.3, 3.6.2...
14 months ago