yarn metro-react-native-babel-preset 0.60.0

Contains all changes since 0.59.0:

  • [Fix] metro-source-map: propagate sourcesContent when composing source maps (#574 (https://github.com/facebook/metro/pull/574))
  • [Fix] Preserve source locations in import-export-plugin
  • [Change] Resolve path-based configuration options in Metro's config normalizer
  • [Feature] metro-memory-fs: Implement realpath.native
  • [Feature] metro-memory-fs: Implement fs.truncate
  • [Feature] metro-memory-fs: Implement fs.link (http://fs.link/)
  • [Feature] metro-memory-fs: Implement fs.rename
  • [Feature] metro-memory-fs: Implement readdir(withFileTypes)
  • [Feature] Move HttpGetStore to open source
  • [Fix] MultipartResponse to allow for binary data to be sent
  • [Fix] Size attribution in metro-symbolicate
  • [Fix] Links website Docs in Help page. (#563 (https://github.com/facebook/metro/pull/563))
  • [Change] Enable loose mode for @babel/plugin-proposal-object-rest-spread
  • [Fix] Pass config overrides to metro.config.js function (#559 (https://github.com/facebook/metro/pull/559))
  • [Fix] Added bundler property to babel caller (#558 (https://github.com/facebook/metro/pull/558))
  • [Feature] Add rewriteRequestUrl option
  • [New] Add unstable_transformProfile as URL param
  • [Fix] DependencyGraph.resolveDependency resolves to the same module when imported from .. (#556 (https://github.com/facebook/metro/pull/556))
  • [New] Add support for bytecode compilation & bytecode bundles (#546 (https://github.com/facebook/metro/pull/546))
  • [Fix] Send bundle progress immediately
  • [New] New metro-hermes-compiler package @allow-large-files (#545 (https://github.com/facebook/metro/pull/545))
  • [New] Create metro-transform-worker package
  • [Fix] Add getDependencies function that automatically cleans up unused graphs
  • [New] Create metro-transform-plugins package
  • [Breaking Change] Change transform worker from a class to an object interface
  • [Fix] DependencyGraph.resolveDependency resolves to the same module when imported from . (#540 (https://github.com/facebook/metro/pull/540))
  • [Security] Fix security vulnerabilities in third-party dependencies
  • [Removed] Remove hmrEnabled option

See 0.59.0...0.60.0 for a full list of changes.

latest releases: 0.63.0, 0.62.0, 0.61.0...
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