yarn mapbox-gl 3.3.0-beta.1

latest release: 3.3.0
22 days ago

Features and improvements ✨

  • Add raster particles layer.
  • Add raster-array source.
  • Add addImport, moveImport, updateImport, and removeImport API methods.
  • Add getSlot, and setSlot API methods to control layers' slots.
  • Add landmarks and models support in queryRenderedFeatures.
  • Add raster-elevation support for tiled raster sources.
  • Add config expression support in fog.
  • Improve map loading performance.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fix zooming with the pitched camera and maxZoom.
  • Fix memory leak after removing the map. (h/t @kamil-sienkiewicz-asi) #13110, #13116
  • Fix broken horizon line for some camera values.
  • Fix broken globe draping after updating style with setStyle.
  • Fix the z offset when the opacity is evaluated at 0 on the zoom change.
  • Fix the format expression in the config expression.
  • Fix adding a marker to the map that is not loaded when fog is enabled.

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