yarn karma 6.0.0

6.0.0 (2021-01-13)

Bug Fixes


  • cli: error out on unexpected options or parameters (#3589) (603bbc0)
  • client: update banner with connection, test status, ping times (#3611) (4bf90f7)
  • server: print stack of unhandledrejections (#3593) (35a5842)
  • server: remove deprecated static methods (#3595) (1a65bf1)
  • remove support for running dart code in the browser (#3592) (7a3bd55)


  • server: Deprecated require('karma').server.start() and require('karma').Server.start() variants were removed from the public API. Instead use canonical form:

    const { Server } = require('karma');
    const server = new Server();
  • cli: Karma is more strict and will error out if unknown option or argument is passed to CLI.

  • Using Karma to run Dart code in the browser is no longer supported. Use your favorite Dart-to-JS compiler instead.

dart file type has been removed without a replacement.

customFileHandlers DI token has been removed. Use middleware to achieve similar functionality.

customScriptTypes DI token has been removed. It had no effect, so no replacement is provided.

  • deps: Some projects have socket.io tests that are version sensitive.
latest releases: 6.3.4, 6.3.3, 6.3.2...
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