yarn flatpickr 1.8.3
flatpickr v1.8.3

latest releases: 4.6.13, 4.6.11, 4.6.10...
8 years ago


  • New feature: calendar week numbers
    • self.config.weekNumbers: true/false (default)
  • New feature: UTC date mode
    • Parses, formats, and displays dates in UTC (especially useful for storing datestrings in db etc)
    • self.config.utc: true/false (default)
  • Errors in a calendar instance will no longer crash other calendars
  • Improved datestring parsing
    • cross-browser support for UTC datestrings that'd break in e.g. firefox (#66)
  • Other fixes/improvements:
    • #56: inconsistent behavior of setting min-date
    • #58: mouseout always triggers onChange in time fields
    • #61: calendar gets hidden inside parent with overflow:hidden
    • #62: close function should call onClose with same arguments as onChange
    • #63: component doesn't trigger onChange

Screenshot: week numbers

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