yarn firebase-tools 9.15.0

latest releases: 13.14.0, 13.13.3, 13.13.2...
3 years ago
  • Fixes a number of issues where ext:dev:emulator:* was not providing the correct parameter values to the emulated extension (#2928)
  • Support loading Firebase Functions packaged as an ES module. (#3485)
  • Fixes Cloud Storage emulator missing classes. (#3541)
  • Add missing properties to Authentication functions context in the Functions emulator. (#3536)
  • Firestore Emulator UI now supports deleting documents and collections recursively.
  • Fixes some Storage Emulator UI errors.
  • Fixes some issues when using Emulator UI on a different device.
  • Fixes issues where functions:log command did not showing some log entries. (#3539)
  • Fixes Emulator issue when function definition changes (#2533).

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