yarn firebase-tools 9.12.0

latest releases: 13.14.0, 13.13.3, 13.13.2...
3 years ago
  • Enable running functions in multiple regions in the emulator. (#3364)
  • Adds the deployed version to the output when deploying to Firebase Hosting. (#3157)
  • Updates the configured runtime for functions generated by firebase init functions from Node.js 12 to 14 (#3399)
  • Releases Firestore Emulator v1.12.0: supports clearing data partially. (#3402)
  • Fixes manually setting download tokens in Storage Emulator. (#3396)
  • Fixes deleting custom metadata in Storage emulator. (#3385)
  • Fixes errors when calling makePublic() with Storage Emulator(#3394)
  • Fixes mishandling of bytes when uploading two files with the same name in the Storage Emulator (#3406)
  • Adds support for setting user labels on scheduled functions. (#3408)

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