yarn firebase-tools 8.7.0

latest releases: 13.13.3, 13.13.2, 13.13.1...
3 years ago
  • Fixes issue where Authorization header was missing from callable functions in the emulator (#2459).
  • Improve support for the Node.js 12 (Beta) runtime in the Functions emulator.
  • Allow specifying the config (firebase.json) file using the --config/-c flag.
  • Fixes issue where emulators:exec could fail to shut down cleanly (#2477).
  • Fixes issue where database emulator did not properly load initial rules (#2483).
  • Allow starting the UI with emulators:exec using the --ui flag.
  • Fixes issue where multiple CLI instances compete for the same log (#2464).
  • Fixes issue where emulators run from npm scripts could not be shut down cleanly (#2507).
  • Makes it easier to import data from production databases.

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