yarn firebase-tools 8.6.0

latest releases: 13.14.0, 13.13.3, 13.13.2...
4 years ago
  • Adds support for Node.js 12 (beta) to Cloud Functions for Firebase. Specify "node":"12" in package.json or "runtime": "nodejs12" in firebase.json.

  • Enables runtime for Cloud Functions to be set in firebase.json (#2241, thanks @quentinvernot!), for example:

      "functions": {
        "runtime": "nodejs10"
  • Fixes an issue where the suggested redeploy command for Firebase Functions was incorrect for names with dashes.

  • Adds the --export-on-exit flag to emulators:start and emulators:exec to automatically export emulator data on command exit (#2224)

  • Fixes support for camel-case query parameters in Firestore Emulator.

  • Adds support for != style queries in Firestore Emulator.

  • Fixes connecting to host from Emulator UI.

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