yarn firebase-tools 8.4.1

latest releases: 13.13.3, 13.13.2, 13.13.1...
4 years ago
  • Fixes issue where custom emulator ports were strings not numbers (#2287).
  • Fixes issue where Emulator UI was never downloaded during firebase init emulators.
  • Skips app selection in firebase apps:sdkconfig if there is a single matching app.
  • Fixes incorrect warning about emulator configuration (#2290).
  • Improves error messages for firebase init with new projects (#2266).
  • Improves handling of permission denied errors during API enablement.
  • Removes deep proxying of functions.config() inside the Functions emulator.
  • Updates App Distribution upload URL.
  • Fixes an incompatibility between the functions emulator and firebase-functions version 3.6.2 (#2301)

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