yarn firebase-tools 8.3.0

latest releases: 13.13.3, 13.13.2, 13.13.1...
4 years ago
  • Sets the FIREBASE_CONFIG environment variable during deploys of Cloud Functions for Firebase to fix "process.env.GCLOUD_PROJECT is not set" issues during deployment or execution.
  • Fixes an issue where ext:list would fail when no extensions were installed.
  • Fixes an issue where database emulator could not load rules from target configurations (#2184).
  • Adds new API commands that handle list/create/delete operations on the Android SHA certificate hashes apps:android:sha:list, apps:android:sha:create, and apps:android:sha:delete.
  • Fixes an issue where the CLI did not assume admin privileges when performing Firestore / RTDB emulator operations.
  • Fixes an issue where the functions and hosting emulators would crash when not properly initialized (#2112).
  • Improves logs when running emulators:start.
  • Fixes an issue where use would allow an invalid project identifier.
  • Fixes an issue where custom options passed to admin.initializeApp() in the functions emulator were improperly augmented.
  • Changes firebasemods.*.* IAM permission checks to firebaseextensions.*.*
  • Fixes an issue where unicode characters in auth tokens crashed callable auth (#2185).
  • Fixes an issue where emulators could not be cleanly shut down if they had not started properly (#2228).

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