yarn firebase-tools 8.13.0

latest releases: 13.14.0, 13.13.3, 13.13.2...
3 years ago
  • Updates the Google Cloud Run proxy API calls to v1 (from v1alpha1) (#2695).
  • Release RTDB emulator v4.6.0: Get wire protocol with optional query.
  • Updates Cloud Functions for Firebase templates to use Node 12 and better support function development.
  • Release Firestore emulator v1.11.9: Fixes != and not-in operators.
  • Add endpoints to enable/disable background triggers in the Cloud Functions emulator.
  • Fixes TypeError that arises when trying to deploy with Firebase Hosting targets that don't exist in the project's firebase.json (#1232).
  • Updates firebase hosting:channel:delete to remove the channel from the authorized domains list.
  • Add custom claims to auth:export and auth:import.
  • Fixes input issue when prompting for a Hosting Channel name.
  • Fixes commands that rely on default RTDB instance.

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