yarn firebase-tools 6.7.0

latest releases: 13.14.1, 13.14.0, 13.13.3...
5 years ago
  • Adds ability to deploy scheduled functions
  • Fixes a bug in Cloud Firestore emulator where rulesets with no-op writes would modify a document's updated_at timestamp.
  • Reduces lock contention in Cloud Firestore emulator during concurrent writes to a document.
  • Serving Hosting locally can now proxy to the live Cloud Run service.
  • Fixes a bug where fields in Cloud Firestore indexes would be sorted alphabetically for display.
  • Fixes a bug in Firestore Emulator REST API that caused 404s to root collections.
  • Firestore Emulator now accepts secure JWTs from Android/iOS SDK with warnings.
  • Lifecycle hooks will respect a single multi-resource deploy.

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