yarn firebase-tools 6.3.0

latest releases: 13.13.3, 13.13.2, 13.13.1...
5 years ago
  • Fixed Firestore emulator bug related to https://github.com//issues/1073
  • Fixed Firestore emulator bug regarding array ordering during writing/reading
  • Fixed Firestore emulator handling of query cursors using document names
  • Fixed a race condition when deploying Firestore indexes (issues #1080 and #1081)
  • Fixed an error that occurs when a Firestore field override removes all indexes
  • Fixed Firestore emulator getDocument RPC to now support a read_time consistency selector
  • Firestore emulator now has the ability to produce rule-coverage reports
  • Firestore emulator now has a clearDatabase RPC to delete all data in a database
  • Firestore emulator now exposes the v1 service definition
  • Firestore emulator has various runtime improvements
  • Clearer empty state when pretty-printing Firestore indexes
  • JavasSript functions template now includes gitignore
  • Added node_modules/ to TypeScript functions template gitignore
  • Fixed the link to the Google Cloud Console when opening Functions logs
  • Updated Typescript and other dependencies in newly initalized folders containing Functions
  • Improve database:remove performance for large location.

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