yarn firebase-tools 13.11.0

latest releases: 13.13.3, 13.13.2, 13.13.1...
one month ago
  • Releases firestore emulator 1.19.7, which adds support for withAuthContext function triggers (#7037).
  • Fixes some cases where Firebase Data Connect deployment fails to pretty-print errors (#7230).
  • Updated Pub/Sub emulator to v0.8.14 (#7197).
  • Updates default resource names and template during firebase init dataconnect.
  • Improved handling of 'fresh from Console' services during init dataconnect.
  • Add support for node22 in function deployments (#7252).
  • Update to Firebase Data Connect Emulator v1.2.0, which adds support for Postgres 16 and creates the Postgres database specified in dataconnect.yaml or .firebaserc if it does not already exist.
  • Update to the latest version of the Crashlytics buildtools, v3.
  • Support deployment of an Angular app using legacy browser builder (#7264)

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