yarn firebase-tools 11.30.0

latest releases: 13.13.3, 13.13.2, 13.13.1...
14 months ago
  • Added more helpful error messages for the Firebase Hosting GitHub Action (#5749)
  • Upgrade Firestore emulator to 1.17.4
  • Web Frameworks will no longer try to deploy unsupported versions of NodeJS to Cloud Functions (#5733)
  • Fixes bug where emulators would not start correctly due to corrupted ZIP files. (#5614, #5677)
  • Adding experimental support for deploying Flutter Web applications to Firebase Hosting (#5332)
  • Release Emulator Suite UI v1.11.6 (#5769)
  • Adds function emulator support for v2 firestore triggers (#5685)
  • Improvements for developers using Next 13's app directory (#5691)
  • Resolve timeouts when bundling Next.js applications for Cloud Functions (#5691)
  • Fixes bug where the functions emulator would attempt to call to prod for 'demo-' projects (#5170)
  • Address issues starting the Firebase Hosting emulator with some versions of Next.js (#5781)
  • Fix regex page matcher for Next.js middlewares version 1 (#5496)
  • Fixes bug where functions emulator broke when client request disconnects (#5783)

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