yarn firebase-tools 10.3.0

latest releases: 13.13.3, 13.13.2, 13.13.1...
2 years ago
  • Fixes bug where functions' memory configurations weren't preserved in batched function deploys (#4253).
  • Adds --local flag to ext:install, ext:update, ext:configure, and ext:uninstall, to save changes to firebase.json instead of deploying immediately.
  • ext:export now uses stable ordering for params in .env files (#4256).
  • Adds alerting event provider (#4258).
  • Fixes bug where project-specific environment variables weren't loaded by the Functions Emulator (#4273).
  • Fixes bug where CORS was enabled too broadly on the Functions emulator (#4294).
  • Adds rewriteTo / copyTo endpoints to Cloud Storage Emulator (#3647, #3751).
  • Addes createReadStream support to Cloud Storage Emulator (#3469).
  • Fixes list endpoint in Cloud Storage Emulator (#3647).
  • Fixes getFiles for Cloud Storage Emulator (#3778).
  • Fixes exists for Cloud Storage Emulator (#3764).

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