yarn firebase-tools 10.2.1

latest releases: 13.14.0, 13.13.3, 13.13.2...
2 years ago
  • Fixes an issue where ext:list was not printing out information about installed Extension instances (#4156)
  • Fixes issue where Functions Emulator crashed when parsing triggers if accessing functions config values (#4162).
  • firebase emulators:start --export-on-exit <dir> now rejects overwriting the current directory or parents (#4127).
  • Fixes broken functions:config:clone command (#4173).
  • Fixes issue where auth:import would fail when reading a JSON file. (#4157)
  • Fixes issue where custom claims added in Auth Emulator UI was not properly shown.
  • Improves handling of API requests with XML responses (#4180).
  • Updates the underlying request library in Hosting deploys and uses project-scoped URLs. (#2558)

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