yarn eslint-plugin-react 7.33.0

latest releases: 7.33.2, 7.33.1
4 months ago



  • no-array-index-key: consider flatMap (#3530 @k-yle)
  • jsx-curly-brace-presence: handle single and only expression template literals (#3538 @taozhou-glean)
  • no-unknown-property: allow onLoad on source (@ljharb)
  • jsx-first-prop-new-line: ensure autofix preserves generics in component name (#3546 @ljharb)
  • no-unknown-property: allow fill prop on <symbol> (#3555 @stefanprobst)
  • display-name, prop-types: when checking for a capitalized name, ignore underscores entirely (#3560 @ljharb)
  • no-unused-state: avoid crashing on a class field function with destructured state (#3568 @ljharb)
  • no-unused-prop-types: allow using spread with object expression in jsx (#3570 @akulsr0)
  • Revert "destructuring-assignment: Handle destructuring of useContext in SFC" (#3583 #2797 @102)
  • prefer-read-only-props: add TS support (#3593 @HenryBrown0)


  • [Docs] jsx-newline, no-unsafe, static-property-placement: Fix code syntax highlighting (#3563 @nbsp1221)
  • [readme] resore configuration URL (#3582 @gokaygurcan)
  • [Docs] jsx-no-bind: reword performance rationale (#3581 @gpoole)
  • [Docs] jsx-first-prop-new-line: add missing multiprop value (#3598 @dzek69)

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