yarn eslint-plugin-react 7.31.11

latest releases: 7.33.2, 7.33.1, 7.33.0...
12 months ago


  • jsx-no-target-blank: allow ternaries with literals (#3464 @akulsr0)
  • no-unknown-property: add inert attribute (#3484 @ljharb)
  • jsx-key: detect keys in logical expression and conditional expression (#3490 @metreniuk)


  • [Perf] component detection: improve performance by avoiding traversing parents unnecessarily (#3459 @golopot)
  • [Docs] forbid-component-props: inclusive language w/ allowlist (#3473 @AndersDJohnson)
  • [Docs] automate doc generation with eslint-doc-generator (#3469 @bmish)

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