yarn babel-jest 28.0.0-alpha.6

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2 months ago


  • [jest-config] [BREAKING] Throw an error instead of showing a warning if multiple configs are used (#12510)
  • [jest-mock] [BREAKING] Rename exported utility types ClassLike, FunctionLike, ConstructorLikeKeys, MethodLikeKeys, PropertyLikeKeys; remove exports of utility types ArgumentsOf, ArgsType, ConstructorArgumentsOf - TS builtin utility types ConstructorParameters and Parameters should be used instead (#12435, #12489)
  • [jest-mock] [BREAKING] Improve the usage of jest.fn generic type argument (#12489)
  • [jest-runner] Allow setupFiles module to export an async function (#12042)


  • [jest-circus, @jest/types] Disallow undefined value in TestContext type (#12507)
  • [jest-each] %# is not replaced with index of the test case (#12517)
  • [jest-reporters] Notifications generated by the --notify flag are no longer persistent in GNOME Shell. (#11733)
  • [jest-worker] Fix Farm execution results memory leak (#12497)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [jest-create-cache-key-function] Added README.md file with basic usage instructions (#12492)

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