yarn babel-jest 26.6.2

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18 months ago


  • [jest-core] Add findRelatedTests and nonFlagArgs in allowed config options for updateConfigAndRun in watch plugins (#10659)


  • [babel-plugin-jest-hoist] Preserve order of hoisted mock nodes within containing block (#10536)
  • [babel-plugin-jest-hoist] Hoist pure constants to support experimental JSX transform in hoisted mocks (#10723)
  • [babel-preset-jest] Update babel-preset-current-node-syntax to support top level await (#10747)
  • [expect] Revert "Fix objectContaining to work recursively into sub-objects (#10508)" (#10766)
  • [jest-circus, jest-jasmine2] fix: don't assume stack is always a string (#10697)
  • [jest-config] Fix bug introduced in watch mode by PR #10678 (#10692)
  • [jest-config] Throw correct error for missing preset modules (#10737)
  • [jest-resolve-dependencies] Resolve mocks as dependencies (#10713)
  • [jest-runtime] Handle file URLs in dynamic imports (#10744)
  • [jest-runtime, babel-jest] Pass more ESM options to @jest/transform (#10752)
  • [jest-runtime] Properly inject extraGlobals into the runtime (#10758)
  • [jest-transform] Link to ESM docs on syntax errors (#10748)

Chore & Maintenance

  • [docs] Add docs for using mocks in TypeScript (#10415)
  • [eslint-config-fb-strict] Move package from this repo to fbjs repo (#10739)
  • [examples] Update TypeScript example to show use of newer Jest types (#10399)
  • [jest-cli] chore: standardize files and folder names (#10698)

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