yarn babel-jest 26.6.1

latest releases: 28.1.0, 28.0.3, 28.0.2...
19 months ago


  • [jest-runtime] Support named exports from CommonJS as named ES Module imports (#10673)
  • [jest-validate] Add support for recursiveDenylist option as an alternative to recursiveBlacklist (#10236)


  • [expect] Fix objectContaining to work recursively into sub-objects (#10508)
  • [jest-cli, jest-core, jest-config, jest-types] Fix --onlyFailures flag to work in non-watch mode (#10678)
  • [jest-config] Fix for the jest.config.ts compiler to not interfere with tsconfig.json files (#10675)
  • [jest-message-util] Update to work properly with Node 15 (#10660)
  • [jest-mock] Allow to mock methods in getters (TypeScript 3.9 export) (#10156)

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