yarn @typescript-eslint/parser 4.1.1

4.1.1 (2020-09-14)

Bug Fixes

  • eslint-plugin: [naming-convention] allow an array of selectors with types and modifiers (#2415) (7ca54c3)
  • eslint-plugin: [no-implied-eval] handle the Function type (#2435) (e1401dc)
  • eslint-plugin: [no-unused-vars] better handling for declared modules (#2553) (02d72d4), closes #2523
  • eslint-plugin: [no-use-before-define] false positive for function type arguments (#2554) (189162d), closes #2527
  • eslint-plugin: [prefer-function-type] handle this return (#2437) (7c6fcee)
  • eslint-plugin: [return-await] don't error for in-try-catch if the return is in a catch without a finally (#2356) (efdd521)
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