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7.4.0 (2024-03-25)

🚀 Features

  • eslint-plugin: [consistent-type-imports] ignore files with decorators, experimentalDecorators, and emitDecoratorMetadata (#8335)
  • eslint-plugin: [no-unnecessary-type-arguments] handle tagged templates (#8708)
  • eslint-plugin: deprecate no-throw-literal and add a renamed only-throw-error (#8701)

🩹 Fixes

  • eslint-plugin: [prefer-optional-chain] address multipart nullish checks false positive (#8678)
  • eslint-plugin: [prefer-optional-chain] properly disambiguate between boolean and false (#8685)
  • eslint-plugin: [no-unnecessary-type-assertion] avoid remove const casting on template literals with expressions inside (#8740)
  • typescript-eslint: declare peer dependency on utils to ensure npm correctly installs dependencies (#8738)
  • website: visual Editor is not scrolled (#8709)
  • website: make 404 page good again (#8750)

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