yarn @storybook/addon-actions 6.2.0-alpha.20


  • Vue: Add Vue 3 support (#13775)
  • CLI: Add try/catch on readFileAsJson to improve error message (#13730)
  • Core: Generate manager cache in smoke test, but don't use/clear any cache (#13784)

Bug Fixes

  • Addon-docs/Svelte: Fix component name in docgen-loader (#13760)
  • Addon-docs/Svelte: Fix component description (#13659)
  • UI: Fix copy to clipboard for insecure deployments (#13777)


  • CLI: Handle package versions in package strings for generators (#13774)
  • Build: Do not recompile packages in publish step of the CI (#13786)
  • CI: Remove generic cache key from Circle CI (#13787)
  • CI: Upgrade cache GH Action & remove fallback caches (#13752)
latest releases: 6.2.0-beta.10, 6.2.0-beta.9, 6.2.0-beta.8...
one month ago