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Important Changes

  • Better Node Framework Span Data

This release improves data quality of spans emitted by Express, Fastify, Connect, Koa, Nest.js and Hapi.

  • feat(node): Ensure connect spans have better data (#12130)

  • feat(node): Ensure express spans have better data (#12107)

  • feat(node): Ensure fastify spans have better data (#12106)

  • feat(node): Ensure hapi spans have better data (#12140)

  • feat(node): Ensure koa spans have better data (#12108)

  • feat(node): Ensure Nest.js spans have better data (#12139)

  • feat(deps): Bump @opentelemetry/instrumentation-express from 0.38.0 to 0.39.0 (#12079)

  • feat(node): No-code init via --import=@sentry/node/init (#11999)

When using Sentry in ESM mode, you can now use Sentry without manually calling init like this:

 SENTRY_DSN=https://examplePublicKey@o0.ingest.sentry.io/0 node --import=@sentry/node/init app.mjs

When using CommonJS, you can do:

 SENTRY_DSN=https://examplePublicKey@o0.ingest.sentry.io/0 node --require=@sentry/node/init app.js

Other Changes

  • chore: Align and update MIT license dates (#12143)
  • chore: Resolve or postpone a random assortment of TODOs (#11977)
  • doc(migration): Add entry for runWithAsyncContext (#12153)
  • docs: Add migration docs to point out that default import does not work (#12100)
  • docs(sveltekit): process.env.SENTRY_AUTH_TOKEN (#12118)
  • feat(browser): Ensure browserProfilingIntegration is published to CDN (#12158)
  • feat(google-cloud): Expose ESM build (#12149)
  • feat(nextjs): Ignore Prisma critical dependency warnings (#12144)
  • feat(node): Add app.free_memory info to events (#12150)
  • feat(node): Do not create GraphQL resolver spans by default (#12097)
  • feat(node): Use node: prefix for node built-ins (#11895)
  • feat(replay): Use unwrapped setTimeout to avoid e.g. angular change detection (#11924)
  • fix(core): Add dsn to span envelope header (#12096)
  • fix(feedback): Improve feedback border color in dark-mode, and prevent auto-dark mode when a theme is picked (#12126)
  • fix(feedback): Set optionOverrides to be optional in TS definition (#12125)
  • fix(nextjs): Don't put undefined values in props (#12131)
  • fix(nextjs): Fix legacy configuration method detection for emitting warning (#12136)
  • fix(node): Ensure fetch/http breadcrumbs are created correctly (#12137)
  • fix(node): Update @prisma/instrumentation from 5.13.0 to 5.14.0 (#12081)
  • ref(node): Add log for running in ESM/CommonJS mode (#12134)
  • ref(node): Handle failing hook registration gracefully (#12135)
  • ref(node): Only show instrumentation warning when tracing is enabled (#12141)

Work in this release contributed by @pboling. Thank you for your contribution!

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@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) 68.26 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - with treeshaking flags 61.68 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay with Canvas) 72.29 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay, Feedback) 84.35 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Feedback) 37.78 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. sendFeedback) 26.34 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. FeedbackAsync) 30.76 KB
@sentry/react 24.45 KB
@sentry/react (incl. Tracing) 35.89 KB
@sentry/vue 25.72 KB
@sentry/vue (incl. Tracing) 34.74 KB
@sentry/svelte 21.91 KB
CDN Bundle 24.29 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing) 34.35 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing, Replay) 68.05 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing, Replay, Feedback) 73.05 KB
CDN Bundle - uncompressed 71.47 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing) - uncompressed 101.88 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing, Replay) - uncompressed 211.51 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing, Replay, Feedback) - uncompressed 223.86 KB
@sentry/nextjs (client) 35.17 KB
@sentry/sveltekit (client) 33.52 KB
@sentry/node 114.09 KB
@sentry/aws-serverless 103 KB

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