yarn @sentry/nextjs 8.1.0

latest releases: 8.19.0, 8.18.0, 8.17.0...
2 months ago

This release mainly fixes a couple of bugs from the initial 8.0.0 release. In addition to the changes below, we
updated some initially missed points in our migration guides and documentation.

  • feat(aws-serverless): Fix tree-shaking for aws-serverless package (#12017)
  • feat(node): Bump opentelemetry instrumentation to latest version (#12028)
  • feat(scope): Bring back lastEventId on isolation scope (#11951) (#12022)
  • fix(aws-serverless): Export awslambda-auto
  • fix(node): Do not warn for missing instrumentation if SDK is disabled (#12041)
  • fix(react): Set dependency-injected functions as early as possible (#12019)
  • fix(react): Warn and fall back gracefully if dependency injected functions are not available (#12026)
  • ref(core): Streamline parseSampleRate utility function (#12024)
  • ref(feedback): Make eventId optional and use lastEventId in report dialog (#12029)

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