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3 months ago

This is the first beta release of Sentry JavaScript SDK v8. With this release, there are no more planned breaking
changes for the v8 cycle.

Read the in-depth migration guide to find out how to address any breaking changes in your code. All
deprecations from the v7 cycle, with the exception of getCurrentHub(), have been removed and can no longer be used in

Version Support

The Sentry JavaScript SDK v8 now supports Node.js 14.8.0 or higher. This applies to @sentry/node and all of our
node-based server-side sdks (@sentry/nextjs, @sentry/remix, etc.).

The browser SDKs now require
compatible browsers. New minimum browser versions:

  • Chrome 63
  • Edge 79
  • Safari/iOS Safari 12
  • Firefox 58
  • Opera 50
  • Samsung Internet 8.2

For more details, please see the version support section in migration guide.

Package removal

The following packages will no longer be published

  • @sentry/hub
  • @sentry/tracing
  • @sentry/integrations
  • @sentry/serverless
  • @sentry/replay

Initializing Server-side SDKs (Node, Bun, Next.js, SvelteKit, Astro, Remix):

Initializing the SDKs on the server-side has been simplified. See more details in our migration docs about
initializing the SDK in v8.

Performance Monitoring Changes

The API around performance monitoring and tracing has been vastly improved, and we've added support for more
integrations out of the box.

  • Performance Monitoring API
  • Performance Monitoring Integrations

Important Changes since v8.0.0-alpha.9

  • feat(browser): Create spans as children of root span by default (#10986)

Because execution context isolation in browser environments does not work reliably, we deciced to keep a flat span
hierarchy by default in v8.

  • feat(core): Deprecate addTracingExtensions (#11579)

Instead of calling Sentry.addTracingExtensions() if you want to use performance in a browser SDK without using
browserTracingIntegration(), you should now call Sentry.registerSpanErrorInstrumentation().

  • feat(core): Implement suppressTracing (#11468)

You can use the new suppressTracing API to ensure a given callback will not generate any spans:

return Sentry.suppressTracing(() => {
  // Ensure this fetch call does not generate a span
  return fetch('/my-url');
  • feat: Rename ESM loader hooks to import and loader (#11498)

We renamed the loader hooks for better clarity:

# For Node.js <= 18.18.2
node --loader=@sentry/node/loader app.js

# For Node.js >= 18.19.0
node --import=@sentry/node/import app.js
  • feat(node): Do not exit process by default when other onUncaughtException handlers are registered in
    onUncaughtExceptionIntegration (#11532)

In v8, we will no longer exit the node process by default if other uncaught exception handlers have been registered by
the user.

  • Better handling of transaction name for errors

We improved the way we keep the transaction name for error events, even when spans are not sampled or performance is

  • feat(fastify): Update scope transactionName when handling request (#11447)
  • feat(hapi): Update scope transactionName when handling request (#11448)
  • feat(koa): Update scope transactionName when creating router span (#11476)
  • feat(sveltekit): Update scope transactionName when handling server-side request (#11511)
  • feat(nestjs): Update scope transaction name with parameterized route (#11510)

Removal/Refactoring of deprecated functionality

  • feat(core): Remove getCurrentHub from AsyncContextStrategy (#11581)
  • feat(core): Remove getGlobalHub export (#11565)
  • feat(core): Remove Hub class export (#11560)
  • feat(core): Remove most Hub class exports (#11536)
  • feat(nextjs): Remove webpack 4 support (#11605)
  • feat(vercel-edge): Stop using hub (#11539)

Other Changes

  • feat: Hoist getCurrentHub shim to core as getCurrentHubShim (#11537)
  • feat(core): Add default behaviour for rewriteFramesIntegration in browser (#11535)
  • feat(core): Ensure replay envelopes are sent in order when offline (#11413)
  • feat(core): Extract errors from props in unkown inputs (#11526)
  • feat(core): Update metric normalization (#11518)
  • feat(feedback): Customize feedback placeholder text color (#11417)
  • feat(feedback): Maintain v7 compat in the @sentry-internal/feedback package (#11461)
  • feat(next): Handle existing root spans for isolation scope (#11479)
  • feat(node): Ensure tracing without performance (TWP) works (#11564)
  • feat(opentelemetry): Export getRequestSpanData (#11508)
  • feat(opentelemetry): Remove otel.attributes in context (#11604)
  • feat(ratelimit): Add metrics rate limit (#11538)
  • feat(remix): Skip span creation for OPTIONS and HEAD requests. (#11149)
  • feat(replay): Merge packages together & ensure bundles are built (#11552)
  • feat(tracing): Adds span envelope and datacategory (#11534)
  • fix(browser): Ensure pageload trace remains active after pageload span finished (#11600)
  • fix(browser): Ensure tracing without performance (TWP) works (#11561)
  • fix(nextjs): Fix tunnelRoute matching logic for hybrid cloud (#11576)
  • fix(nextjs): Remove Http integration from Next.js (#11304)
  • fix(node): Ensure isolation scope is correctly cloned for non-recording spans (#11503)
  • fix(node): Make fastify types more broad (#11544)
  • fix(node): Send ANR events without scope if event loop blocked indefinitely (#11578)
  • fix(tracing): Fixes latest route name and source not updating correctly (#11533)
  • ref(browser): Move browserTracing into browser pkg (#11484)
  • ref(feedback): Configure font size (#11437)
  • ref(feedback): Refactor Feedback types into @sentry/types and reduce the exported surface area (#11355)

Bundle size 📦

Path Size
@sentry/browser 22.16 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) 31.74 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) 67.05 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - with treeshaking flags 60.47 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay with Canvas) 70.88 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay, Feedback) 80.78 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Feedback) 35.71 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Feedback, Feedback Modal) 35.71 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Feedback, Feedback Modal, Feedback Screenshot) 37.74 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. sendFeedback) 26.95 KB
@sentry/react 24.84 KB
@sentry/react (incl. Tracing) 34.64 KB
@sentry/vue 25.72 KB
@sentry/vue (incl. Tracing) 33.45 KB
@sentry/svelte 22.28 KB
CDN Bundle 24.47 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing) 32.97 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing, Replay) 66.59 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing, Replay, Feedback) 82.8 KB
CDN Bundle - uncompressed 72.9 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing) - uncompressed 98.89 KB
CDN Bundle (incl. Tracing, Replay) - uncompressed 208.55 KB
@sentry/nextjs (client) 34.01 KB
@sentry/sveltekit (client) 32.25 KB
@sentry/node 120.17 KB

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