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3 months ago

This is the eighth alpha release of Sentry JavaScript SDK v8, which includes a variety of breaking changes.

Read the in-depth migration guide to find out how to address any breaking changes in your code.

Important Changes

  • feat: Add @sentry-internal/browser-utils (#11381)

A big part of the browser-runtime specific exports of the internal @sentry/utils package were moved into a new package
@sentry-internal/browser-utils. If you imported any API from @sentry/utils (which is generally not recommended but
necessary for some workarounds), please check that your import statements still point to existing exports after

  • feat: Add loader file to node-based SDKs to support ESM monkeypatching (#11338)

When using ESM, it is necessary to use a "loader" to be able to instrument certain third-party packages and Node.js API.
The server-side SDKs now ship with a set of ESM loader hooks, that should be used when using ESM. Use them as follows:

# For Node.js <= 18.18.2
node --experimental-loader=@sentry/node/hook your-app.js

# For Node.js >= 18.19.0
node --import=@sentry/node/register your-app.js

Please note that due to an upstream bug, these loader hooks will currently crash or simply not work. We are planning to
fix this in upcoming versions of the SDK - definitely before a stable version 8 release.

  • feat(node): Add Koa error handler (#11403)
  • feat(node): Add NestJS error handler (#11375)

The Sentry SDK now exports integrations and error middlewares for Koa (koaIntegration(), setupKoaErrorHandler()) and
NestJS (setupNestErrorHandler()) that can be used to instrument your Koa and NestJS applications with error

Removal/Refactoring of deprecated functionality

  • feat(core): Remove hub check in isSentryRequestUrl (#11407)
  • feat(opentelemetry): Remove top level startActiveSpan (#11380)
  • feat(types): beforeSend and beforeSendTransaction breaking changes (#11354)
  • feat(v8): Remove all class based integrations (#11345)
  • feat(v8/core): Remove span.attributes top level field (#11378)
  • ref: Remove convertIntegrationFnToClass (#11343)
  • ref(node): Remove the old node package (#11322)
  • ref(tracing): Remove span.startChild() (#11376)
  • ref(v8): Remove addRequestDataToTransaction util (#11369)
  • ref(v8): Remove args on HandlerDataXhr (#11373)
  • ref(v8): Remove getGlobalObject utility method (#11372)
  • ref(v8): Remove metadata on transaction (#11397)
  • ref(v8): Remove pushScope, popScope, isOlderThan, shouldSendDefaultPii from hub (#11404)
  • ref(v8): Remove shouldCreateSpanForRequest from vercel edge options (#11371)
  • ref(v8): Remove deprecated _reportAllChanges option (#11393)
  • ref(v8): Remove deprecated scope.getTransaction() (#11365)
  • ref(v8): Remove deprecated methods on scope (#11366)
  • ref(v8): Remove deprecated span & transaction properties (#11400)
  • ref(v8): Remove Transaction concept (#11422)

Other Changes

  • feat: Add trpcMiddleware back to serverside SDKs (#11374)
  • feat: Implement timed events & remove transaction.measurements (#11398)
  • feat(browser): Bump web-vitals to 3.5.2 (#11391)
  • feat(feedback): Add getFeedback utility to get typed feedback instance (#11331)
  • feat(otel): Do not sample options and head requests (#11467)
  • feat(remix): Update scope transactionName when resolving route (#11420)
  • feat(replay): Bump rrweb to 2.12.0 (#11314)
  • feat(replay): Use data sentry element as fallback for the component name (#11383)
  • feat(sveltekit): Update scope transactionName when pageload route name is updated (#11406)
  • feat(tracing-internal): Reset propagation context on navigation (#11401)
  • feat(types): Add View Hierarchy types (#11409)
  • feat(utils): Use globalThis (#11351)
  • feat(vue): Update scope's transactionName when resolving a route (#11423)
  • fix(core): unref timer to not block node exit (#11430)
  • fix(node): Fix baggage propagation (#11363)
  • fix(web-vitals): Check for undefined navigation entry (#11311)
  • ref: Set preserveModules to true for browser packages (#11452)
  • ref(core): Remove duplicate logic in scope.update (#11384)
  • ref(feedback): Add font family style to actor (#11432)
  • ref(feedback): Add font family to buttons (#11414)
  • ref(gcp-serverless): Remove setting .__sentry_transaction (#11346)
  • ref(nextjs): Replace multiplexer with conditional exports (#11442)

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