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7 months ago

Important Changes

  • feat(browser): Add browser metrics sdk (#9794)

The release adds alpha support for Sentry developer metrics in the Browser SDKs (@sentry/browser and related framework SDKs). Via the newly introduced APIs, you can now flush metrics directly to Sentry.

To enable capturing metrics, you first need to add the MetricsAggregator integration.

  dsn: '__DSN__',
  integrations: [
    new Sentry.metrics.MetricsAggregator(),

Then you'll be able to add counters, sets, distributions, and gauges under the Sentry.metrics namespace.

// Add 4 to a counter named `hits`
Sentry.metrics.increment('hits', 4);

// Add 2 to gauge named `parallel_requests`, tagged with `happy: "no"`
Sentry.metrics.gauge('parallel_requests', 2, { tags: { happy: 'no' } });

// Add 4.6 to a distribution named `response_time` with unit seconds
Sentry.metrics.distribution('response_time', 4.6, { unit: 'seconds' });

// Add 2 to a set named `valuable.ids`
Sentry.metrics.set('valuable.ids', 2);

In a future release we'll add support for server runtimes (Node, Deno, Bun, Vercel Edge, etc.)

  • feat(deno): Optionally instrument Deno.cron (#9808)

This releases add support for instrumenting Deno cron's with Sentry cron monitors. This requires v1.38 of Deno run with the --unstable flag and the usage of the DenoCron Sentry integration.

// Import from the Deno registry
import * as Sentry from "https://deno.land/x/sentry/index.mjs";

  dsn: '__DSN__',
  integrations: [
    new Sentry.DenoCron(),

Other Changes

  • feat(replay): Bump rrweb to 2.6.0 (#9847)
  • fix(nextjs): Guard against injecting multiple times (#9807)
  • ref(remix): Bump Sentry CLI to ^2.23.0 (#9773)

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