yarn @sentry/nextjs 7.75.0

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9 months ago

Important Changes

  • feat(opentelemetry): Add new @sentry/opentelemetry package (#9238)

This release publishes a new package, @sentry/opentelemetry. This is a runtime agnostic replacement for @sentry/opentelemetry-node and exports a couple of useful utilities which can be used to use Sentry together with OpenTelemetry.

You can read more about @sentry/opentelemetry in the Readme.

  • feat(replay): Allow to treeshake rrweb features (#9274)

Starting with this release, you can configure the following build-time flags in order to reduce the SDK bundle size:


You can read more about tree shaking in our docs.

Other Changes

  • build(deno): Prepare Deno SDK for release on npm (#9281)
  • feat: Remove tslib (#9299)
  • feat(node): Add abnormal session support for ANR (#9268)
  • feat(node): Remove lru_map dependency (#9300)
  • feat(node): Vendor cookie module (#9308)
  • feat(replay): Share performance instrumentation with tracing (#9296)
  • feat(types): Add missing Profiling types (macho debug image, profile measurements, stack frame properties) (#9277)
  • feat(types): Add statsd envelope types (#9304)
  • fix(astro): Add integration default export to types entry point (#9337)
  • fix(astro): Convert SDK init file import paths to POSIX paths (#9336)
  • fix(astro): Make Replay and BrowserTracing integrations tree-shakeable (#9287)
  • fix(integrations): Fix transaction integration (#9334)
  • fix(nextjs): Restore autoInstrumentMiddleware functionality (#9323)
  • fix(nextjs): Guard for case where getInitialProps may return undefined (#9342)
  • fix(node-experimental): Make node-fetch support optional (#9321)
  • fix(node): Check buffer length when attempting to parse ANR frame (#9314)
  • fix(replay): Fix xhr start timestamps (#9341)
  • fix(tracing-internal): Remove query params from urls with a trailing slash (#9328)
  • fix(types): Remove typo with CheckInEnvelope (#9303)

Bundle size 📦

Path Size
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack (gzipped) 82.66 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack with treeshaking flags (gzipped) 71.77 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - Webpack (gzipped) 30.94 KB
@sentry/browser - Webpack (gzipped) 21.26 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - ES6 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 73.03 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - ES6 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 28.93 KB
@sentry/browser - ES6 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 21.09 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - ES6 CDN Bundle (minified & uncompressed) 233.81 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - ES6 CDN Bundle (minified & uncompressed) 87.77 KB
@sentry/browser - ES6 CDN Bundle (minified & uncompressed) 62.76 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - ES5 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 31.71 KB
@sentry/react (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack (gzipped) 83.05 KB
@sentry/react - Webpack (gzipped) 21.29 KB
@sentry/nextjs Client (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack (gzipped) 99.43 KB
@sentry/nextjs Client - Webpack (gzipped) 47.83 KB

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