yarn @sentry/nextjs 7.70.0-beta.1

latest releases: 8.18.0, 8.17.0, 8.16.0...
10 months ago

Important Changes

  • feat(replay): Upgrade to rrweb2.0

This is fully backwards compatible with previously recorded replays. Only breaking change is that we will not be masking aria-label by default. This is to better support searching by clicks. Another issue is there is about a 13% bundle size increase, however this comes with improved performance and improved replay fidelity especially in regards to web components.

Bundle size 📦

Path Size
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack (gzipped) 84.27 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - Webpack (gzipped) 31.5 KB
@sentry/browser - Webpack (gzipped) 22.09 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - ES6 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 78.69 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - ES6 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 28.61 KB
@sentry/browser - ES6 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 20.67 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing, Replay) - ES6 CDN Bundle (minified & uncompressed) 254.08 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - ES6 CDN Bundle (minified & uncompressed) 86.66 KB
@sentry/browser - ES6 CDN Bundle (minified & uncompressed) 61.5 KB
@sentry/browser (incl. Tracing) - ES5 CDN Bundle (gzipped) 31.48 KB
@sentry/react (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack (gzipped) 84.29 KB
@sentry/react - Webpack (gzipped) 22.12 KB
@sentry/nextjs Client (incl. Tracing, Replay) - Webpack (gzipped) 102.22 KB
@sentry/nextjs Client - Webpack (gzipped) 51.07 KB

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