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12 months ago

Important Changes

  • Performance Monitoring not required for Distributed Tracing

This release adds support for distributed tracing without requiring performance monitoring to be active on the JavaScript SDKs (browser and node). This means even if there is no sampled transaction/span, the SDK will still propagate traces to downstream services. Distributed Tracing can be configured with the tracePropagationTargets option, which controls what requests to attach the sentry-trace and baggage HTTP headers to (which is what propagates tracing information).

  tracePropagationTargets: ["third-party-site.com", /^https:\/\/yourserver\.io\/api/],
  • feat(tracing): Add tracing without performance to browser and client Sveltekit (#8458)

  • feat(node): Add tracing without performance to Node http integration (#8450)

  • feat(node): Add tracing without performance to Node Undici (#8449)

  • feat(node): Populate propagation context using env variables (#8422)

  • feat(core): Support AggregateErrors in LinkedErrors integration (#8463)

This release adds support for AggregateErrors. AggregateErrors are considered as Exception Groups by Sentry, and will be visualized and grouped differently. See the Exception Groups Changelog Post for more details.

Exception Group support requires Self-Hosted Sentry version 23.5.1 or newer.

  • feat(replay): Add a new option networkDetailDenyUrls (#8439)

This release adds a new option networkDetailDenyUrls to the Replay integration. This option allows you to specify a list of URLs that should not be captured by the Replay integration, which can be used alongside the existing networkDetailAllowUrls for finely grained control of which URLs should have network details captured.

  integrations: [
    new Sentry.Integrations.Replay({
      networkDetailDenyUrls: [/^http:\/\/example.com\/test$/],

Other Changes

  • feat(core): Add helpers to get module metadata from injected code (#8438)
  • feat(core): Add sampling decision to trace envelope header (#8483)
  • feat(node): Add trace context to checkin (#8503)
  • feat(node): Export getModule for Electron SDK (#8488)
  • feat(types): Allow user.id to be a number (#8330)
  • fix(browser): Set anonymous crossorigin attribute on report dialog (#8424)
  • fix(nextjs): Ignore tunnelRoute when doing static exports (#8471)
  • fix(nextjs): Use basePath option for tunnelRoute (#8454)
  • fix(node): Apply source context to linked errors even when it is uncached (#8453)
  • fix(node): report errorMiddleware errors as unhandled (#8048)
  • fix(react): Add support for basename option of createBrowserRouter (#8457)
  • fix(remix): Add explicit @sentry/node exports. (#8509)
  • fix(remix): Don't inject trace/baggage to redirect and catch responses (#8467)
  • fix(replay): Adjust slow/multi click handling (#8380)

Work in this release contributed by @mrdulin, @donaldxdonald & @ziyad-elabid-nw. Thank you for your contributions!

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