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13 months ago

Important Changes

  • feat(core): Add default entries to ignoreTransactions for Healthchecks #8191

    All SDKs now filter out health check transactions by default.
    These are transactions where the transaction name matches typical API health check calls, such as /^.*healthy.*$/ or /^. *heartbeat.*$/. Take a look at this list to learn which regexes we currently use to match transaction names.
    We believe that these transactions do not provide value in most cases and we want to save you some of your quota by filtering them out by default.
    These filters are implemented as default values for the top level ignoreTransactions option.

    You can disable this filtering by manually specifiying the InboundFilters integration and setting the disableTransactionDefaults option:

      integrations: [new InboundFilters({ disableTransactionDefaults: true })],
  • feat(replay): Add mutationBreadcrumbLimit and mutationLimit to Replay Options (#8228)

    The previously experimental options mutationBreadcumbLimit and mutationLimit have been promoted to regular Replay integration options.

    A high number of DOM mutations (in a single event loop) can cause performance regressions in end-users' browsers.
    Use mutationBreadcrumbLimit to send a breadcrumb along with your recording if the mutation limit was reached.
    Use mutationLimit to stop recording if the mutation limit was reached.

  • feat(sveltekit): Add source maps support for Vercel (lambda) (#8256)

    • feat(sveltekit): Auto-detect SvelteKit adapters (#8193)

    The SvelteKit SDK can now be used if you deploy your SvelteKit app to Vercel.
    By default, the SDK's Vite plugin will detect the used adapter and adjust the source map uploading config as necessary.
    If you want to override the default adapter detection, you can specify the adapter option in the sentrySvelteKit options:

    // vite.config.js
    export default defineConfig({
      plugins: [
          adapter: 'vercel',

    Currently, the Vite plugin will configure itself correctly for @sveltejs/adapter-auto, @sveltejs/adapter-vercel and @sveltejs/adapter-node.

    Important: The SvelteKit SDK is not yet compatible with Vercel's edge runtime.
    It will only work for lambda functions.

Other Changes

  • feat(replay): Throttle breadcrumbs to max 300/5s (#8086)
  • feat(sveltekit): Add option to control handling of unknown server routes (#8201)
  • fix(node): Strip query and fragment from request URLs without route parameters (#8213)
  • fix(remix): Don't log missing parameters warning on server-side. (#8269)
  • fix(remix): Pass loadContext through wrapped document request function (#8268)
  • fix(replay): Guard against missing key (#8246)
  • fix(sveltekit): Avoid capturing redirects and 4xx Http errors in request Handlers (#8215)
  • fix(sveltekit): Bump magicast to support satisfied keyword (#8254)
  • fix(wasm): Avoid throwing an error when WASM modules are loaded from blobs (#8263)

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