yarn @sentry/nextjs 7.4.0

latest releases: 8.19.0, 8.18.0, 8.17.0...
2 years ago

This release contains the first alpha release of @sentry/remix, our newest JavaScript SDK! For details on how to use
it, please see the README and the tracking GitHub issue.

  • feat(remix): Enable Remix SDK #5327
  • feat(remix): Add release / sourcemap upload script. (#5312)
  • feat(remix): Add Remix server SDK (#5269)
  • feat(remix): Add Remix client SDK (#5264)
  • feat(remix): Add Remix SDK package boilerplate (#5256)
  • fix(utils): Handle toJSON methods that return circular references (#5323)

Work in this release contributed by @MichaelDeBoey. Thank you for your contribution!

Special thank you to @jacob-ebey for pointing us in the right direction while we were working on the Remix SDK:

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