yarn @sentry/nextjs 7.39.0

latest releases: 8.20.0, 8.19.0, 8.18.0...
17 months ago

This release adds a new package, @sentry/angular-ivy, which is our Angular SDK with full support for Angular's rendering engine, Ivy.

This release also adds a new enableTracing option, which can be used instead of tracesSampleRate for an easier setup.
Related to this, the hasTracingEnabled utility function was moved from @sentry/tracing to @sentry/core.
The old export from @sentry/tracing has been deprecated and will be removed in v8.

  • feat(angular): Add Ivy-compatible Angular SDK package (#7264)
  • feat(core): Add source map images to debug_meta (#7168)
  • feat(loader): Make lazy-loading configurable (#7232)
  • feat(nextjs): Add performance monitoring to server components (#7242)
  • feat(nextjs): Default to VERCEL_ENV as environment (#7227)
  • feat(replay): Add more default block filters (#7233)
  • feat(tracing): Add enableTracing option (#7238)
  • fix(core): Exclude client reports from offline queuing (#7226)
  • fix(nextjs): Export serverside data-fetcher wrappers from client (#7256)
  • fix(replay): Fix timestamps on LCP (#7225)

Replay rrweb changes:

@sentry-internal/rrweb was updated from 1.103.0 to 1.104.1 (#7238):

  • feat: Export typings/types (#60)
  • feat: Remove autoplay attribute from audio/video tags (#59)
  • fix: Exclude modulepreload as well (#52)
  • fix: Handle removed attributes (#65)
  • fix: Masking inputs on change when maskAllInputs:false (#61)
  • fix: More robust rootShadowHost check (#50)
  • fix: Textarea value is being duplicated (#62)

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